Relationships need leisure as well as working on!

Finding time for you and your partner can be difficult with all the demands of life. Work, school, children, and family: the list is endless. But it’s important to the relationship to make time for romance. Even if you don’t have a full week or two where you can get away, here are a few ideas for a romantic break for just the two of you.

Period Hotels

When’s the last time, if ever, you treated yourself and your partner like royalty? If you’re a history buff, there are historical period houses that have been remodelled into luxury hotels. The rooms are designed to recapture their own historic period, as well as provide a romantic atmosphere with four-poster beds, romantic views and spas. You can explore the countryside, have champagne by the fireplace, or simple spend quiet time with the love of your life. These period hotels provide just the right ambience for a romantic break.

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Island Retreat

Catch a ferry to small a isle and leave your cares behind. Serenity awaits you on one of the nearby isles. Have a picnic, take a tour of the villages, go fishing or swimming, or just sun bathe on the beach. Let the sounds of the waves carry you to a dream. The tranquillity of these isles seems to seep into your soul as you and your partner enjoy this romantic time. Moonlight walks, drinks near the water, candlelit dinners. Your imagination is the only thing holding you back.

My Cottage or Yours

Pack some food, grab your lover, and head for a private and secluded cottage. You’ll feel a world away. Imagine waking each morning to the fresh air and quite countryside. Grab something quick to eat and head out for a morning stroll through the hills and meadows surrounding you. Plan a picnic on a beach with nothing to disturb the two of you while you enjoy the company of the surfs, the sand, and the peacefulness. Head back to your cottage to prepare for a dinner by the fire. Tranquillity at its best.

Romantic Train Ride

If money isn’t necessarily a concern for you, then consider spending a quick romantic break with your partner aboard a luxury train ride. Be surrounded by music, art, and carriages held captive in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Enjoy the countryside as you and your love are whisked away for a short but romantic luxurious break.

Something completely different

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